St Gerard’s School pupils dig their work.

The Alexandra primary school children spent Monday planting more than 100 trees on the school grounds.

Deputy principal Ollie Yeoman said the plants had been provided by the Haehaeata Natural Heritage Trust and New Zealand Tree Service through funds from Contact Energy and the Good Earth Foundation.

Pupils from each year took part in the planting. Older pupils from years 7 and 8 helped younger ones.

As St Gerard’s was an Enviroschool, it was very keen to set a culture where caring for the environment was a central part of the school, Mr Yeoman said.

Older pupils had been doing work around biodiversity and the planting was a practical application of that.

The junior school used play-based learning to engage pupils about the environment.

“We’re just trying to embed that stuff right across the school of fun when everyone is involved and cares about it,” Mr Yeoman said.

Year 8 pupil Jack Sole said he enjoyed the time planting.

“It’s good and planting the natives and stuff,” he said.