The Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust is encouraging landowners in Clyde to attend a meeting on the heritage value of their back lawns.

The trust has been managing a heritage sites review for Central Otago and project manager Terry Davis said updates to the Clyde wastewater system could mean more landowners were considering subdividing their land in the future.

There could be elements on people’s land that had a level of historic significance that was not immediately apparent.

‘‘It could be an old stone wall that no-one has paid much attention to.’’

Heritage New Zealand archaeologist Nikole Wills would be at the meeting to answer questions and provide information, Mr Davis said.

This was an opportunity not only for landowners to find out more about their properties, but also for people interested in the past to learn about the historic nature of Clyde, Mr Davis said.

To allow for different schedules there are two meeting times — 3pm to 4pm and 7pm to 8pm, on Wednesday, January 20, at the Lodge Dunstan in Sunderland St.

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