Members of Dunstan High School’s pupil executive team hit the ground running in the new school year, creating a video during their first day in the roles which is not only the talk of the school, but gaining air-time on radio.

The team of eight senior leaders made a video on how to safely wear masks that takes its cues from Air New Zealand safety videos that have gone viral globally.

The video was a response to deputy principal Natasha Hitchman asking the team to come up with something to promote mask wearing.

Bridget Mullally said head girl Vanessa Gallagher sounded like a flight attendant while they were discussing ideas, “so I said let’s make an Zealand’ video”.

The group bounced ideas off each other with Maz Cameron writing a script on the fly.

“I pretty much bashed it up while everyone was talking,” he said.

He did not have figures for how many people had viewed the video but said the entire school community had seen it and most shared it with their families and friends, and others, like this reporter, viewed it after hearing it mentioned on a popular morning radio show.

“I think it would be in the thousands,” Maz estimated of the video views.

For those yet to see the fun and quirky public service announcement, check it out hereĀ 

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