Lochie Win (7), of Pisa Moorings, has set himself a goal the country to raise money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand. His inspiration is his mum, Rebecca, who is now in remission from a rare form of the disease. His dad, Luke, reports.

A few days after setting up camp at the south end of Lake Taupo for some well-earned rest we got word that Manganui was possibly going to open on Mt Taranaki beeline there only to find the rain had beaten us and washed the snow away.

We carried on and hiked into the mountain; it was like a scene from Jurassic park.

We were gutted the rain had got in before we could ski this awesome mountain.

From there it was back to Mt Ruapehu to tick off the club field of Tukino on the Desert Road side of the mountain we had been told even the drive in was an adventure and it sure was.

Lochie reckoned we were driving on Mars with snow.

We arrived at the top of the mountain to find strong winds that would normally put others off, but this was not the case as all the people there had the same love for the snow and mountains as us.

We were welcomed into the clubroom lodge and it was like being home for Christmas dinner with the whole family what an experience it was, one that will stay with us forever.

After skiing long into the day it was time to head back to the caravan.

On our drive back down the mountain we got word that the ferries on the Cook Strait were going on a weather hold.

We made the call to head for Wellington.

After a quick phone call to RJ from Ricks Trucking we had a spot on the last boat. We travelled that night to catch the first and last ferry in the morning time to beat the storm.

From there we set off to Hanmer Springs to ski the local field.

And here we are.

As I type this week’s post, sitting in the lodge on the mountain, kids are playing ping pong and adults are yarning about the snow and how lucky we are to live in New Zealand. The snow on the mountain is fresh and fast.

We sure are living in paradise with great people here.

The hard yards are about to hit as we get ready to head for Castle Hill for a full-on last week of club fields.

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