Good hunting at Chatto Creek


The annual Chatto Creek Hunting Competition on Sunday attracted the biggest number of entries yet, organisers say.
Chatto Creek Tavern owner Lesley Middlemass said 47 adults and 17 children entered the competition.
The heaviest kill was an 89kg red deer, shot at Poolburn by Tane Russell, of Alexandra.
Each hunting team had to make a banana cake to share as part of entering the competition and there were games, including carrying a dead pig through an obstacle course race.
The junior competition was popular, and the 17 children taking part came back with rabbit, possum, duck and magpie kills.
All the children were supervised by an adult with a current firearms licence, Mrs Middlemass said.



Happy hunting . . . Hudson McKnight (12) and Lisa Nolan, both of Poolburn, hunted down this boar at Omakau. PHOTOS: SIMON HENDERSON


Heaviest kill . . . Tane Russell, of Alexandra, shot this 89kg red deer at Poolburn. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON

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