Three local golfers are getting ready for an endurance mission for charity.

Lyndon Pyper, son Alex Pyper and friend Mason Calder hope to raise thousands for the Cancer Society by taking part in The Longest Day, a golfing endurance event.

The three will play 72 holes in 16 hours at Dunstan Golf Club in Clyde on December 27.

The players will tee off at 6am and play an ambrose team format, which means each player hits off the tee, the best shot is selected then all other players place their ball alongside the best ball.

Mr Pyper was motivated to take part in the event as he had his own experience of being diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer about seven years ago.

This spread to his lymph nodes, ‘‘so I had some pretty heavy duty treatment’’.

He looked at life differently now, gave up his building business, and now worked at Southern Lakes ITM, which is one of the sponsors for this event, giving about $2500 towards the fundraiser.

The other sponsor was Firth Industries and people interested in sponsoring could call 021 456-508, he said.

Mr Pyper’s aim with this event was to highlight the Cancer Society’s role in providing support for others, he said.

‘‘We can’t help everybody, but everybody can help someone.’’

The Cancer Society helped someone every day.

‘‘I had a lot of people come out of the woodwork and drag me aside and say ‘Hey, I’ve had cancer, too’.’’

There were thousands of volunteers working tirelessly for charity and he wanted to help others through this fundraiser.

‘‘My journey has prepared me for other people’s journey.’’

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Giving through golf . . . Golfers (from left) Alex Pyper, Lyndon Pyper and Mason Calder will be playing for charity on December 27. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON
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