Shock safety . . . Ben Logan, of Albert Town, is ready for emergencies with his earthquake planning kits. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON


Feeling more secure when the ground begins to shake is the aim of a free course taking place Sunday, June 23 at Criffel Station Woolshed in Wanaka.

The course will be run by local survival and preparedness specialist Ben Logan, of Albert Town.

“We have a strong belief of building a strong, resilient community that can handle and be prepared against adversity.”

The goal was to to “provide some strategies, knowledge and skill sets” that would enable communities to have confidence in earthquake preparation, he said.

A big topic was the “psychology of survival” that gave people information on how best to prepare in advance.

Knowledge learned from the Christchurch earthquakes included being aware of having more than one emergency kit.

One example was photos and video of women being stuck in the city and trying to get home in a pair of high heels, he said.

People told him they had “a wonderful home preparedness kit” but people might be stuck at work or in their car as well.

There could be different categories of kits including items that could be carried in person, items that could be in the back of a car, and at work as well as home kits.

With the alpine faultline running near the region, there was a reason for locals to be aware of how to plan for an emergency, Mr Logan said.

Considering the area’s “geographic remoteness” people would be “somewhat stuffed” if an earthquake hit.

“We do live in an earthquake-prone environment,” Mr Logan said.

Isolation was one of the challenges, with places across the region which might be cut off by damage to roads or bridges.

“People do really need to expect to be isolated for possibly a good amount of time.”

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