Five Questions With . . . Life Education Trust’s mascot Harold the giraffe


Q Why does Life Education Trust have a giraffe as a mascot?

I was chosen as a mascot because I stand tall and proud and we believe that all people need to stand tall and proud with their heads held high.

I have a really big heart (the size of a basketball) and we know that love and kindness are vital for us all.

The spots on my skin are as unique as a fingerprint so just like you, I am special and unique.

I also have a really long neck and that’s important to help us to learn to stick our necks out to support our friends and those around us.

Q You have been in your job longer than most people stay in theirs. Why do you enjoy it so much?

Well, what isn’t there to love! I get to see over 8000 children a year (yes, that’s a lot and we see more and more each year), and I get to watch them grow from the curious wee 5-year-olds on their first visit to our classroom to the amazing and confident year 8 students that say farewell as they head off to high school.

I get to laugh and learn alongside all the amazing children in our community who will one day be our leaders and our role models for future generations.

All while having fun, while we learn about just how amazing and unique we all are.

Q What is the key to keeping your audience’s attention?

Well, I am a rather gorgeous giraffe with the most fabulous eyelashes (we all know how amazing they are), and well, Pip, the classroom’s educator, tells me that I am a wee bit cheeky too – she says I get her into mischief – but I think that’s part of the fun of our classroom.

I do like to dress up and go on adventures as well, which the children like to help me with. So, we are always busy doing something while we are learning, so it doesn’t even feel like we are really learning – maybe that’s the key?

Q Where do you most like travelling to and why?

That’s a really hard one to answer.

We travel to so many beautiful places. I get to go skiing up mountains – did you see me on TV?

I get to hang out at our beautiful lakes and parks.

I even played hide and seek with the trout in Gore! That was fun, even though he didn’t hide very well.

So, I can’t really choose a favourite place, as they are all so amazing.

Q What is your favourite food and what treats do you go for?

Hmmm, my favourite food would have to be tuna fish sandwiches and fresh fruit.

When Pip lets me have a treat I do like some chippies to eat, but only every now and then – not every day.Mysneakers