Drummer Chaz McLeod is bringing the beat to Cromwell.

The British-born musician is sharing his considerable drumming skills with pupils at Cromwell College.

Formerly of Brighton in England, Mr McLeod played in a concert band for the BBC in London.

“We did a lot of live radio sessions and played for award ceremonies.”

He then worked on cruise ships as a drummer and musical director, playing in show bands and entertaining the passengers on cruises around the Caribbean.

He met his New Zealand girlfriend while on the cruise ships.

“She then moved to the UK for about three years, and from there I toured with different bands around Europe and the UK.”

Mr McLeod and his girlfriend moved to Cromwell about a year ago and he was now teaching pupils at Cromwell College.

He enjoyed the work – “they are just so eager to learn, especially here in Cromwell.”

“It is great that there are so many people that want to play drums.”

Cromwell College music teacher Cath Forsyth said the school had been looking for a drumming teacher for some time and the school was delighted pupils could benefit from Mr McLeod’s skills.

“We were very fortunate to get him .. Chaz is a real find.”

Since 2015, the school had been able to offer senior music classes, and about a quarter of the school now took part in some form of music education.

“We’ve had a lot more people seeing it as a viable option.”

Guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard were some of the instruments on offer, plus classical piano, flute and saxophone.

“So we have a real range.”

The music department had plans to expand, including installing a recording studio.

“We are due to have a refurbishment here, and with that we are hoping to get some technology and a sound desk.”

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