Roxburgh women Rosemary Kelly and Judith Peirce have been in harmony for nearly four decades.
The two women are founding members of the Roxburgh Harmony Group — although the group’s beginnings may have also included the unintentional take-over of a local church choir.
Mrs Peirce said the Baptist Church had a choir in need of a pianist. Mrs Kelly took on the role and she joined as conductor shortly afterwards, Mrs Peirce said.
‘‘We just sort of took it over,’’ she joked.
The group has been making music in the Teviot Valley and surrounds for 37 years, performing at community events, the Alexandra Blossom Festival and Roxburgh Health Camp, as well as singing purely for enjoyment.
From Bohemian Rhapsody and Thank You for the Music, through to Handel Parker’s 1858 hymn Deep Harmonythe group had sung it all in four-part harmony Mrs Peirce said.
She loved harmony and the full sound it created, as well as the friendships formed in the group.
‘‘[We started] mainly to get together and sing in harmony together,’’ she said.
‘‘We sing every type of music — I love the singing and we have lots of laughs.’’
Mrs Kelly said that the camaraderie developed by singing with others was pretty special.
‘‘Singing together — it’s anenjoyable experience.’’
The sense of community created through music and the harmony group was reminiscent of her childhood, when her family would spend hours singing around a piano, Mrs Kelly said.
‘‘Music’s been a big part of my life.’’
While she had played piano for the group for 37 years, she was more than happy to let someone else take over as she still loved to sing too, she said.
The Roxburgh Harmony Group meets weekly at Roxburgh Area School, but takes a break during the colder winter months.
Anyone interested in joining can contact Mrs Peirce on 027 441 9880.