Campervans could soon be parking up at the Lower Manorburn Dam if a proposal by the area’s reserve committee gets the green light.

The concept would mean a limited number of self-contained motor campervans could park in the area, while also providing a presence to help deter people from vandalising the public space.

Community board deputy chairman Barrie Wills said the area had been plagued by vandalism over the years.

In one case a skip, which was given to the committee, was pushed into the water where it remains today.

Committee members also recently had a burned-out car removed after it was abandoned in the area for at least six months.

One of the most recent acts of disregard for the area was the dumping of a large tyre on a newly formed beach.

Dr Wills said the area, which was a council reserve, was cleaned up by a small group of volunteers whenever they got a chance.

They receive a small allowance each year to do the job.

He was disappointed by the continued disregard some people had for the area, even after the group had made an effort to beautify it.

Dr Wills hoped plans to establish a space for campervan parking could stop the vandalism.

The concept has been taken to the Central Otago District Council and a plan was being drawn up to outline what it would involve and how it would work.

He said it would be available to New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA) members only.

“We’re looking forward to that stage because we’ve already had tyres dumped on the beaches,” he said, just weeks after the beaches were created.

Vincent Community Board member Claire Goudie was also keen to see something done to prevent further vandalism.

She recalled an old sofa dumped in the area last winter.

Also last winter, attempts were made to burn a pile of tyres and beer crates on the dam when it was iced over.

The fire did not take and the rubbish was left on the ice, which ultimately sank into the dam when it melted.

“People need to be shamed,” Mrs Goudie said.

“It would help because people are there,” she said, of the campervan parking idea.

Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan said there was a similar problem at Alexandra’s skatepark, but once the area was established as a NZMCA base, the issue was resolved.

“It definitely has, no question,” he said.

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