When it comes to playing things cool as ice, Reece Aiken is the master.

The Dunedin-based ice technician has prepared rinks throughout New Zealand and internationally for competition.

Last week he was laying the ice at the Alexandra Indoor Curling Rink for the winter season.

It took more than five days to bring the ice up to the required 30mm, with layer upon layer carefully poured, seams sealed and house markings positioned.

“If you follow the steps and take your time, most of the time you get it right,” Mr Aiken said.

“You have issues if you can’t get the fridge plant cold enough at different stages when you want it to be cold and that causes a lot of grief, but most of the time things go pretty well.”

A challenge unique in Central Otago was water quality because lime could pose an issue.

“That’s something we battle with here wanting pure water.”

The purer the water the better the playing surface.

The indoor rink, now open for its second season, was a welcome addition to the sport.

“It’s just good to have another curling rink in New Zealand that’s indoors and gives more people the chance to have a go at the sport.”