A push for more curling lanes at Alexandra’s Iceinline complex is gaining traction.

Two new lanes indoors have been proposed for the north end of the existing rink to help meet demand for more curling in the area.

Iceinline chairman Murray Miller said the existing ice rink, which was always full to capacity, would also have a roof built over it under the latest proposal.

The existing rink would continue to be available for ice-skating, ice hockey and curling, and the new facility would be for curling only.

He said the aim of the new curling lanes was to help meet demand and have “quality ice” that would allow people to move from the traditional crampet curling – a stand-and-deliver technique – to the Olympic sport of hack curling.

Mini version . . . This scale model shows the proposed new two-lane curling rink. It would be beside the existing rink at Iceinline. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

“That takes quality ice.

“What we want to be able to do is lift the quality of ice, so really extend the opportunity for the Olympic-style curling.”

Mr Miller said although some people had hoped the new rink would have four lanes, two would be sufficient to meet demand at the moment.

“Further investigation would be required to determine the economics going from the two lanes to four.”

He said the World Curling Federation had agreed to help fund the project with an interest-free loan of $100,000, on the provision the new lanes were used for curling only.

The two-lane indoor project will cost about $270,000 and to put a roof over the existing rink is expected to cost $2million.

Iceinline committee member Earnscy Weaver said the project would bring aspects of the original concept to fruition.

A model of the Iceinline facility was designed by Aad van Leeuwen and crafted by Doug Brown in 1991, complete with two rinks – the existing one and the one now being proposed.

A two-storey pavilion was part of the model, but was built to one level when Iceinline was established in 1992.

The extra curling rink is being backed by Alexandra Clyde and District Business Group.

Group secretary Stu Millis encourages other groups to get behind the initiative to help “make it happen”.

He said it would not only bring more people to the town, but would ensure curling remained a strong legacy within the community.Sports brandsButy Moon Boot damskie , sklep