Crop Swap offers chance to share spare produce



Getting to know your neighbour while sharing the fruits of your garden labour is the aim of the Crop Swap.

Organised by Connect Cromwell’s George Affleck, the idea was “fabulously simple”, she said.

Home gardens often had some vegetables that grew very well, she said.

“There is often more than what just you or your family can manage.”

Instead of having to discard the excess, people could bring their produce to the Crop Swap, share it with others and choose something different to take away instead.

No money changed hands, instead there was the chance for people to extend the variety of edible items they could use, while not having to throw away any of their own garden produce.

The event was also for other edible items such as preserves, jams, bread or other baking – “something that you enjoy making and you’ve got more than you need”.

As well as sharing produce with others, the event was an opportunity to meet, swap ideas, tips, recipes or just have a discussion with other locals.

“It is another way to take time and talk to people in their town.”

The aim was to “take something that tickles your fancy” and at the end of the swap all produce had found a new home.

“It might be something you haven’t had for a while that someone else grows.”

The event enabled people to find new ways to “take time to connect” including conversations about how produce could be grown or prepared.

The first crop swap will take place on Saturday, November 16, for an hour from 10.30am at Forage Cafe in Barry Ave.

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