ALEXIA.JOHNSTON doors to Cromwell Primary School’s long awaited new block of classrooms have finally swung open.

The new block, which features four classrooms, was used for the first time on Monday, following a grand opening ceremony and blessing.

Children, their teachers, parents and grandparents attended the event.

They were taken on a tour of the facility – a $2million capital works project – and were introduced to the new space’s many elements and teaching devices.

The extra classrooms will ease pressure on the school’s other teaching facilities, including the board-owned library where two classes have been based for more than two and a-half years.

Principal Wendy Brooks said she was “absolutely thrilled” with the new space, which would help meet roll growth.

The roll was up to about 300.

About 90 of those children have moved into the new block of classrooms.

“They have been in a very old area of the school, so we have given them a real gift, really,” Mrs Brooks said.

Funding for the project was announced in June 2017 and construction started in September, last year.

“So [it has been about] seven months, which was pretty good, I thought, for a job like that.”

Monday’s open day was well attended and gave the school an opportunity to showcase the new facility’s many highlights, including space for food technology, a green room for movie-making, storage space and ergonomic furniture.

Large sliding doors allow the space to be opened up into one large room, or divided off into smaller classrooms.

Monday’s open day was followed by a training day on Tuesday, to help staff learn about the mechanics of the building.

Outdoor seating in front of the new building was now on the agenda.

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