A steady stream of litter is flooding a popular Alexandra reserve, angering those who have to clean it up.

Central Otago district councillor Barrie Wills has voiced his concerns after twice finding litter strewn across the grassed area near the town’s boat ramp in the past week.

The area was cleaned up following the first discovery, but just two days later, more rubbish was dumped there.

Drivers have also ripped up the grass by doing burnouts in their vehicles.

Cr Wills, who has raised similar concerns in the past, has had a “gutsful of wallies trashing our town”.

“It is just not good enough and somehow the situation has to change.”

The first pile of litter he found last week filled a large bin bag and included fast food wrappers and bags of other unwanted items.

“Frankly, it is bloody atrocious.

“These wallies have been tearing up the grass, driving up on the embankment, and generally just trashing our town, right on the [Central Otago District] Council’s back doorstep.”

Similar problems had surfaced further along the river trail, near the old Fulton Hogan quarry area, and road signs had been vandalised by the lookout.

“It is just not good enough and somehow the situation has to change.

“Many people park up for a break, down at [the] Rotary Park/boat ramp and as usual, a few spoil it for the majority.”

He welcomed changes to the litter infringement offences and fee structure.

The change, which came into effect on Monday, enables the council to issue fines of up to $400 for littering, and move the burden of proof to the person responsible, not the council.

“With changes to bylaws under way regarding pinging these dirty sods, I think it is time to make this very public and take action to try [to] get these idiots to show some respect for our community.”

Cr Wills said one way to do that was for the community to take note of any suspicious behaviour and take down vehicle registration numbers, which could be reported to the police or the council.

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