A willingness to benefit the wider community and visitors to the area has been recognised by the Alexandra Clyde and Districts Business Group.

The group recently presented Steve Collins and Mike Coutts with community service awards for their work clearing and maintaining the true right bank, on the southern side of the Clutha River, between Alexandra and Clyde.

Their desire to maintain the track was to ensure it was in good condition for the benefit of the wider community, which the business group wanted to recognise, secretary Stu Millis said.

“They were concerned about the disrepair the track was getting into and they just got in and did it themselves because it wasn’t getting done.”

He said they had done a “tremendous” amount of work.

Mr Coutts said he started the work last November after wanting to fix an area of loose shingle on a slight incline.

While doing the work, branches above his head kept getting in the way, so he started clearing them too.

“I just kept going. I never intended to,” he said.

He also never intended to get recognition from the business group.

“I just really enjoy doing that stuff, but we were pleased it was acknowledged. People would stop you and say ‘good work on the track’, that was good enough for me,” Mr Coutts said.

Mr Millis said similar work by business group member Phil Tosswill and Ren Lothian on the true left bank, from the boat ramp in Alexandra, up to Boundary Rd, was also worthy of recognition.

They facilitated a project to get the area tidied up, supported by Alexandra Rotary Club members and corrections, in conjunction with the business group.

“People wouldn’t have been able to use these tracks if it wasn’t for these people,” Mr Millis said.

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