The landscape of Luggate is rapidly changing, with the total demolition of the original Luggate Memorial Hall and the new Luggate Memorial Centre Whare Mahana beginning to materialise behind the old site and on the former tennis courts.

Queenstown Lakes District Council spokesman Sam White said the first pour of the slab for the new centre took place last week.

The original Luggate Memorial Hall was built in 1954 and it closed in 2017, after a detailed seismic assessment found it to be an earthquake risk.

Mr White said in line with the wishes of the local community, some of the original mud bricks and floorboards from the 1954 building were salvaged to “carry some of the spirit of the much-loved old hall to the new”.

Sustainability was at the heart of the new Luggate Memorial Centre Whare Mahana and it was being built to globally recognised passive house standards, he said.

This would result in lower operating costs and environmental impact over the life of the building, he said.

In November 2019, the council provided a temporary relocatable building on the Hopkins St Reserve, which included a kitchen and two bathrooms, to serve as a community meeting place until the new hall was built.

The permanent Luggate Hall was scheduled for completion in April next year, Mr White said.