Runners and walkers will be covered in a rainbow of colours by the time they cross the finish line at the inaugural Cromwell College Colour Run.

The event, being organised by the college’s student council, will be held on the school field on October 27.

Competitors must wear white so the paint stations they run through during the 2km course have a bright effect.

Obstacles will also be located at each station to add more of a challenge, event organiser Steve Hodkinson said.

Student council members decided to organise the event as a fun family day out for the entire community.

The colour run concept has been staged by other groups around the country, but this was a first for the college.

Although some funds would be raised, the amount was not expected to be much, Mr Hodkinson said.

The student council will decide what to do with the money once it has been raised.

“It’s not really aiming to raise funds, just to have a fun event they can organise.”

He said the planning process has been a learning curve for the pupils, as they discovered exactly what it takes to organise and host a community event.

“The key thing for me is the students are learning from it – the pressure of running an event [and] the health and safety side of the event.

“[And] they have definitely learned from it, which is the whole point of student leadership and something they are proud to be part of.”

Mr Hodkinson said the group has not had many registrations so far, but hoped that would soon change.

Entry forms can be filled in and delivered to Cromwell Primary, Goldfields or Cromwell College offices, or emailed to

People would also be able to enter on the day, he said.Running sports