Collector never short of a ride




Cromwell bike enthusiast

Hans Duyvesteyn

When Cromwell baker Hans Duyvesteyn wants to go for a ride he can choose from 11 mopeds and about 40 bicycles, which he has housed in two garages.

He also has a 1968 MG car, a 1974 Triumph car and a 1942 Indian motorbike in his collection.

He first became interested in mopeds when he was about 12 years old, in the Netherlands.

They were a popular form of transport in those days.

“I grew up with them,” he said.

“They gave me such independence.”

Mr Duyvesteyn said he used to collect discarded mopeds from rubbish skips, although his father put his foot down and limited his collection to three at a time.

He moved to New Zealand in 1974, and started collecting both mopeds and bicycles in 2000.

He has a 1969 Kreidler Florett and three Puchs of various years, from 1959 to 1964, which he intends to restore once he retires.

One has a Cook Island number plate, sourced from the island when he was on holiday.

He also has a 1965 French Mobylette, originally imported from the Netherlands.

However, he is fond of his Zundapp bikes and in particular one that he restored.

He has four of them, all the same model, and bought his first one about 13 years ago.

“I was lucky to find them, and if I ever see one I will buy it.

“They are strong and powerful.

“I use the Zundapp the most, as it is such an easy, reliable, neat bike to ride.

“It always goes and is well made, with really good brakes.

“I wouldn’t swap it for anything.’

He said it did about 100km to the litre and there are only about six others in the country.

He belongs to the New Zealand Vintage Car Club.

Moped enthusiasts have their own sub-section and members recently took part in a rally to Millers Flat.

Many of his bicycles are rescued from the local scrap metal yard or given to him from different sources and he restores or cannibalise them for parts.

“I sell the restored bikes to backpackers, and once they are finished with then, I buy them back.”

He said he even rescued a lawnmower, which he used on his lawns.

“It is amazing what people throw away.”

One of his favourite bicycles is a 2008 or 2009 Bauer that has a 32-inch (750mm) wheel.

“I picked it up at a police auction and I love it and have not seen another bike like it.”

His next event is Klinky’s Upper Clutha Scooter Hooter rally in September.latest Running【国内12月19日発売予定】ニューバランス M1300 JP V (M1300JPV) – スニーカーウォーズ