It is said to never work with children or animals but two Central Otago women are passionate about working with young ones.

Director Pat Lines and playwright Karin Halliday have founded the Central Otago Children’s Theatre, for children aged 8 -13 years.

Mrs Lines said the women wanted to give children the opportunity to gain confidence by performing on stage, and hopefully instil a life-long passion.

“They change on stage.  Give them a chance and all of a sudden, it’s unbelievable,” she said.

While Mrs Lines had been involved in quite a bit of directing and various theatre groups, she enjoyed children’s theatre the most.

Ms Halliday wrote the plays performed by the children’s theatre.

“I’m in quite a unique position because I’m the writer _ a lot of people write something and that’s the last of it, but I get to be part of the production and see it
come to life.”

The pair are focusing on the next production, Santa’s Midwinter Dream which will be performed in August.

Auditions would take place at 3.30pm on June 22 at Alexandra Primary School.