Rotary Club of Alexandra members are more than happy with proceeds from their annual book sale, recording their second-highest profit despite warm, sunny days they thought might slow trade.

Rotary Club member Kevin MacKenzie said organisers had been a little apprehensive as the previous record of $27,000 raised was set last year during days of persistent rain.

“The pattern over the past few years has been that if the weather is fine, we don’t do too well,” he said.

That pattern was upended this year, with the January 1-4 sale raising just under $27,000.

The main beneficiary of the fundraiser this year was the Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust, Mr MacKenzie said.

Vaccine passports were required to enter the sale and volunteers had prepared for the possibility of people getting “stroppy”, but there were no problems at all, and most people had their passports ready for checking.

“It was a great team effort.”