An author’s visit to Omakau School has pupils intrigued about eels, illustrations and creative writing.

Jennifer Somervell recently hosted sessions for pupils, which included a focus on story-telling for the junior and middle school, while the senior pupils learned about the process of writing and illustrating.

Somervell has written several children’s books, which are illustrated by her sister Margery Fern.

The sisters grew up on a farm, which has provided inspiration for the stories they tell. The stories often include true events, including in The Day Dad Blew Up the Cowshed

Somervell’s book The Eel Hunt, which includes a non-fiction element by her husband Ken Fletcher, about long-finned eels, also captured the children’s attention, particularly the boys, school principal Tracy Richmond said.

A non-fiction element is part of all the books.

“We’ve done that with all the books since the second book, and revised the first book to match,” Fletcher said.

The visit, which was a first for Omakau School, provided something for everybody.

“She appealed because there was that link to country living,” Mrs Richmond said.

“That resonated with the kids because of their own background.”

Somervell said she enjoyed visiting rural schools.

“It’s always a pleasure to get to a rural school because [the children] connect so well with the stories with farming backgrounds.”latest Running Sneakersnike