Anzac service a ‘privilege’



Four solemn figures will stand silently on Tuesday morning with their heads bowed as Last Post is sounded at the Alexandra and Clyde Anzac Day services.

The figures will be those of the cenotaph guard from 50 (Alexandra) Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC).

The guard has been training for Anzac commemorations for the past six weeks and guard commander Sergeant Susannah Rendall (16) said it was an honour to have such a prominent role during the commemorations.

“It’s a real privilege to be part of the cenotaph guard.

“It’s a great experience to do this in front of the whole town and to show your respect for the soldiers.”

The guard party is made up of a mix of older and younger cadets each year.
The members of the ATC will spend the night in the Clyde Hall before commemorations, to ensure everyone is ready for their roles during the services in Clyde and Alexandra.

The cadets will be up bright and early on April 25, their uniforms having been prepared the night before.

The ATC will also be marching with veterans during the Anzac Day parade in Alexandra.

Acting unit commander Flight Lieutenant Duncan Anderson said he was impressed by the cadets’ devotion to their guard training before the Anzac commemorations.

He said he did not envy those in the cenotaph guard, who had to stand still throughout the ceremonies and endure the chilly morning as part of their duties.

Fl Lt Anderson said it was fantastic to see the cadets and other young people taking an interest in Anzac Day.

“I’m glad to see them treat the day with the respect it deserves. The cadets are honoured to be involved.”latest jordansGirls Air Jordan