A taste of the Antarctic is coming to Cromwell and Roxburgh.

Far From Frozen – Going to Extremes is an interactive science roadshow designed to demystify the science around climate change.

The roadshow was developed by Otago Museum with help from partners across New Zealand Antarctica New Zealand, and the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology with support from the Ministry for Business, Employment and Innovation’s (MBIE) Unlocking Curious Minds fund.

The showcase aims to use the public’s enchantment with the Antarctic to create a discussion about climate change and its impact on the icy continent as well as New Zealand and globally.

A mix of interactive activitiesa 3D-augmented reality sandbox technologies such as virtual reality and projection mapping are used to unlock some of the key science concepts around climate change and illustrate the nature and scope of its projected impacts.

It also delves into potential mitigation measures, including New Zealand-developed greentech, as well as those requiring behavioural changes at an individual, community and country-level.

Otago Museum director of visitor experience and science engagement Craig Grant said the Antarctic was “the best place to study climate change” as impacts were tangible.

“Everybody is interested in Antarctica and when it comes to talking to people about climate change, the best place to study climate change is Antarctica,” he said.

People often associated climate change solely with sea-level rise but its impacts were much broader and would greatly impact in-land and rural communities too, with more extreme rainfall events and droughts, Mr Grant said.

“We’re hoping those that come will go away feeling a bit more confident about understanding just what climate change is about and what measures could be taken to mitigate its impact, so that they can make well-informed choices about what they, their family, friends, and their community could do.”

Mr Grant said he hoped the show would spark an interest in young people for science.

“If you pursue a career in science it can take you to some amazing places other careers couldn’t touch,” he said.

Far From Frozen Extremes is at the Cromwell Sports Club on June 12 and Roxburgh Area School on June 19.