A Word from Dr Greg White, Cromwell Family Practice GP


Fighting back in a war

New Zealand is at war.

There are 4 million casualties worldwide, but we are fighting back.

The frontline soldiers are not healthcare workers or MIQ staff, it’s each individual citizen that is vaccinated.

And like wartime, it’s a collective effort that’s required.

We’ve all heard the first casualty of war is truth and enemy propaganda can be very damaging.

Myth busting the following “facts” is a daily task.

1) Vaccines change your DNA. FALSE. mRNA vaccines cannot enter the cell nucleus and reverse engineer DNA.

2) Vaccines are untried. FALSE. Five billion doses and almost no deaths suggest the opposite.

3) There are medical reasons not to get vaccinated. FALSE. The ONLY contra-indication to Pfizer vaccine is a fever > 38C.

4) Only old people die from Covid. FALSE. Covid-19 is around 15 times more deadly than flu, killing people 10 years early on average.

5) Lockdowns, PCR tests, and masks don’t work. FALSE. We have a whole world to observe that these do work.

6) The vaccine doesn’t stop you catching Covid. TRUE. But it cuts down the risk of passing it on, hospital admission, and death by around 90%.

7) Antibody and saliva testing is banned in NZ. FALSE. Our clinic staff have had surveillance antibody tests (all negative). Self-administered saliva testing hasn’t become widespread and false results from a poor test could be disastrous.

8) Therapeutics are being withheld. FALSE. Remdesivir, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, HIV drugs, and azithromycin have been shown not to work, and are not recommended by the WHO. Steroids and anticoagulants have shown benefit.

9) Covid is no worse than the flu. FALSE. It’s about 15 times more deadly and “long Covid” affects 30% for months.

10) We should just “learn to live with it”. FALSE. This really means the collapse of our already overloaded health system. Protecting the health system is really the main reason for lockdowns and vaccination, until we reach herd immunity.

A final question.

When was the last time you met anyone with smallpox, diptheria or polio?

Why not?

Vaccines, of course.