The great-great-grandchildren of Millers Flat Bakehouse baker Nathaniel (Nat) Campbell touched a piece of their history when they recently visited the township to see where their ancestor lived and worked.

Auckland resident David Taylor said his son Aaron, and his wife Katie and their children Isaac (9), Erica (7) and Luke (4), were in Dunedin on holiday and visited Millers Flat on January 16 to see how their particular story started.

Nat and wife Christina had eight children, and they and their five grandchildren have their names on the tiles beside the bakehouse, which delighted the Auckland visitors.

Mr Taylor said Nat Campbell worked at the bakehouse from 1919 to 1939 and his children all worked in the business when they were young.

He was born in Riverton in 1881 and died at Millers Flat in 1940.

He was a competitive road cyclist and a keen lawn bowler and won several trophies, which are now on display in the bakery.

Ruby was one of the eight and she married Dave Taylor, of Beaumont, and moved to Gisborne.

Mr Taylor said she represented Otago in the mid-1930s in hockey and was also a champion tennis player.

Her son is David Taylor and he and his wife Anne were at the opening of the restored bakery in 2019.

‘‘What a lot of work the local community put into the restoration and we are proud and thankful for their effort.

‘‘In those days there was a pub opposite the bakehouse and tearooms, and after it closed at 6pm, the men would go over for pies and sometimes there were disturbances so my mum Ruby learned jujutsu to keep law and order.’’

Of the other seven Campbell children, Lloyd had Lloyds Shoe Shop in Roxburgh and Keith ran the Raes Junction pub in the 1950s and later an orchard at Ettrick before moving to Christchurch.

Clive was shepherd and shearer and lived in Millers Flat and Irvine ran a local carrier truck and after serving overseas in World War 2, was contracted to work on the Roxburgh Dam construction.

He remained in the family home, which is still located by the bowling green.

Iris and Claire married and moved away, while Noel was killed when his truck rolled while he was delivering bread.