Lake Hawea’s first, comprehensive commercial precinct has got the green light from independent resource consent commissioner Wendy Baker.

The development is destined for Lake Hawea Holdings-owned land on the corner of Capell Ave and Bodkin St, next to the Hawea Store and Kitchen.

Consent was approved on December 2 and after some of the finer details have been worked through, construction should begin between April and June next year, developer Matt Laming said on Monday.

Under the proposed district plan, the precinct would be in the “local shopping centre zone”.

Mr Laming first presented his plans at public meetings in 2019, before applying for non-notified consent in February this year.

Ms Baker decided there did not need to be a notified process for the non-complying application because adverse environmental effects would be no more than minor and no person would be adversely affected.

Mr Laming said he was excited to get the consent, which was significant for the town.

“It is just the fact there’s such a demand for this in Lake Hawea.

“We actually get to do something the community is pulling for,” he said.

He hoped to continue working on some of the conditions with the council but is turning his mind to the start date.

“It is such a hard environment to be working in but hopefully April-ish.

“A heck of a lot of work will be done between now and then, so it could be more like May or June,” he said.

Hamish and Erica Mackay own and operate an On The Spot branded business at the Hawea Store, which is part of the Foodstuffs Group.

“We have a constructive relationship with Matt and we are working through the finer details with him,” Mr Mackay said.

In 2019, Mr Laming unsuccessfully sought to swap some land for a council-owned reserve on Bodkin St, next to the development site.

His company has proposed to plant trees along the reserve boundary.

The consent is for three two-storey buildings.

One would contain a restaurant, cinema and retail; the second a supermarket, retail and office space; and the third a medical clinic, retail and eight visitor accommodation units.

There would also be car parks, loading areas, bike sheds and rubbish storage.