Wanaka local publishes her debut novel


A world of witches and warrior unicorns mixes myth and magic in the mind of Wanaka author Kate Gordon.

Her debut novel called Lily and the Unicorn King is an adventure fantasy for children aged 8-12.

Set in a seaside town in New Zealand’s North Island, the story follows Lily and her friends as they encounter a fantastical world of magic.

“The idea for the book started with the question ‘what if a unicorn jumped into your pony’s paddock one night and asked you to help hide his herd from a witch?”‘

As part of her day job she was “very lucky” to work in public relations for New Zealand rally champion Hayden Paddon.

“So there are some pretty exciting things you can write for Hayden.”

But when she had time between motorsports her mind went to evil sorceresses and magical battles.

“I was one of those children that read lots and lots of books, especially horse books.”

The idea of writing a book began in her teenage years, but it was not until last year that she was able to say she had completed writing a book.

“I’ve started dozens of stories in different genres, but this is the first book I have finished completely.”

It was a challenge to make a commitment to writing.

“Lots of people think about writing a book but it is actually a really big thing to take on.”

Giving herself the time to write “and make it the best story I could” was about committing to her goal to write a children’s book.

Her aim was to write “the sort of book that I would have loved as a child”, Ms Gordon said.

“I hope I’ve achieved that.”

The story was the first in what she hoped would be a series of six.

“It’s a galloping adventure of brave friends with lots of moonlit adventures.”

Lily and the Unicorn King, by Kate Gordon, is available on Amazon and at Wanaka Paper Plus.

Lily and the Unicorn King, by Kate Gordon.
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