When Ruby Burke planned her first solo exhibition, the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown intervened and the event was postponed.

In August, the virus disrupted her exhibition plans again.

The 19›year›old has produced 21 works for her second solo show, which is at the Lake Wanaka Centre on October 8›9.

She is philosophical about changes forced by last month’s lockdown.

‘‘It doesn’t make much of a difference, because I would be at home painting anyway,’’ she said.

Miss Burke has been painting since she was 10.

She istaking a gap year and plans to study fine arts at Massey University one day. She would also like to study business.

She has been an invited guest at the Aspiring Art Award and a regular Wanaka Arts Society prize winner.

Miss Burke uses a dry acrylic brush method and semi›realistic technique.

‘‘I’m interested in portraying uncompromised happiness and undiluted joy,’’ she said.

Covid-19 has influenced her art.

‘‘I’ve been exploring elements from around the world because we are not able to travel. I often start with an idea, go to Pinterest and pin a whole lot of things that align with that vision. I’ll then get the photographer’s permission to paint it. Often I change it . . .I often add the butterflies and birds because, for me at least, if you see a butterfly in real life, you always take a moment to pause and wonder at its beauty, and then move on with your day,’’ she said.

Finding beauty in little things was what life was all about in the Covid era, she said.
‘‘Often, when times are harder or you have something big that you are grappling with in life, it is the simple things that help,’’ she said.