Success in talent quest


Ten-year-old singing sensation Mischa Thomlinson has started her year off on the right note.

Mischa, of Pisa Moorings, took the stage at the Caroline Bay Carnival in Timaru over the festive period and claimed the title of Junior Talent Quest Winner.

It was her rendition of Anyone, by Demi Lovato, that caught the judges’ attention.

‘‘I was like ‘Wow’ because I wasn’t expecting it,’’ she said of her win.

Mischa does not know where her love of singing comes from. Nor does her family.

‘‘I don’t really know — I don’t remember [how I got into it] because I’ve loved singing for a long time.’’

Her family agree she was singing before she was walking.

Mum Belinda Thomlinson said Mischa sings ‘‘everywhere’’ and the family is now just ‘‘going along for the ride’’.

Mischa has so far pocketed about $1000 in prizemoney and earnings from her passion, including $750 from the Caroline Bay Carnival.

However, it is not the money that has drawn her to the stage.

Instead, her drive comes from her love of pop music and big audiences.

Mischa, who also writes songs and plays numerous instruments, started out performing at various Cromwell events, including farmers’ markets and festivals.

While Mischa is happy performing at community events, her dream is to eventually take her love of singing all the way to the Grammys.

Until then, she will continue to perform locally and for her online audience via her YouTube channel Mischa Sing.

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