Art has always been a part of painter Marg Hamilton’s life, from the former educator’s teacher training and use of art in her classes, to illustrating children’s books and creating menus and posters for “countless organisations”.

But it was only after she gave a large painting to friends who first opened the Courthouse Cafe about 20 years ago that she realised she could sell her works.

“Someone came in and asked it,” she said.

Her first “coming out” as an artist was at one of the first Art in the Gardens events, where one man bought five canvases “and it snowballed from there”.

Now a well-known and recognised artist, Hamilton has a solo exhibition opening at Eade Gallery in Clyde this weekend, and will be present at “meet and greets” on Saturday and Sunday as an opening night event was not possible under Covid-19 conditions.

Her exhibition, Patterns of Land, was inspired by her regular walks around the Alexandra basin and incorporate stylised layering of landscape elements and Maori design motifs such as kowhawhai and weaving.

“I wanted this exhibition to be a little bit joyous,” she said.

“I have traditionally worked with acrylic and mixed media on board and see no reason to change this as it allows me to be quite vigorous with surface textures.

“Currently I am enjoying using both inks and shellac for added richness, along with the application of gold and silver.”

She said she would miss having an official opening but looked forward to meeting people from 11am until noon on Saturday and 2pm-3pm on Sunday.