Sharing skill of origami


Colourful squares of paper are transformed in the hands of Sylvia Trotter, of Wanaka.

For the past few weeks she has been teaching young children how to master the Japanese art of origami.

Flamingos and frogs, butterflies and birds, pelicans, cranes and owls are some of the shapes she creates from carefully placed folds.

Sylvia shows children aged from about 5 to 10 how to turn colourful squares of paper into elegant forms.

She brings three or four sheets with instructions on how to fold an origami shape, ‘‘some that I know how to do really well’’.

‘‘I let the kids choose one of these, and the librarians have been really great and they have provided us with paper.’’

The library also provided origami instruction books for inspiration, she said.

‘‘We will work through it together, and if there is some time left at the end we might do another one of them.’’

Something to focus on when creating origami shapes was to pay attention to all the little folds, she said.

‘‘They don’t really seem to be important but if you don’t crease well and make sure they are exact, it will really affect the finished piece.’’

Sylvia enjoys creating origami and said it was a pleasure to help younger children discover its wonder.

‘‘I like seeing how the folds come together and seeing the finished piece.’’

Her mother, April Trotter, was proud of her daughter.

She said lots of children who took part in the activity said they enjoyed having a nice quiet project to do.

‘‘Sylvia is a good teacher . . .she is patient.’’

– Paper Folding Fun with Sylvia Trotter takes place every second Wednesday from 4pm at the Wanaka Library.