A record number of works have been received for the Central Otago Art Society’s 65th Blossom Festival Art Exhibition, showing at Central Stories until October 24.

There are 54 artists and 121 works in the four-week show, including 18 past winners from the previous two decades.

The theme is “the art of decay”, celebrating the beauty in all things animate and inanimate in all stages of deterioration.

Exhibitors include Dorothy Piper, Debbie Malcolm, Wyn Dryden, Kerry Finch, Sheena Lassen, Marg Hamilton, Richard Parsons, Alan Waters, Denis Kent, Jon Thom, Neil Driver, Shirley Hiscock, Elizabeth Stevens, Deidre Copeland, Maurice Middleditch, Rita Blakeley, Sonia Keogh and Nigel Wilson.

The judge and guest artist is award-winning Bannockburn painter, sculptor and art tutor Megan Huffadine, who has five works in the exhibition.

Ms Huffadine’s background in archaeology and museums has deeply influenced her work.

She is interested in the collections people create, how people display objects and the meaning derived from them.