An exhibition run by the Central Otago Model Society drew crowds last weekend at the Cromwell Bowling Club in Alpha St.

Society president Rex Johnson said there were exhibitors from across Canterbury and Otago and Southland, including Temuka, Invercargill, Dunedin. About 450 people attended.

There were also model makers from closer to home in Central Otago.

One of the local model makers at the show was Ryan Snodgrass, of Clyde.

Small scenes unfold in his hands, bringing imagination and attention to detail to his range of railway scenarios.

Mr Snodgrass said he got his love of model trains and miniatures from his father.

‘‘Because my dad always had them growing up . . .I grew up going to shows.’’

He enjoyed the creative side of carefully placing tiny objects to create moments frozen in time.

Seeing the faces of people when he went to shows and started the trains up was also enjoyable.

The scenes he created were pure imagination.

‘‘I go ‘I want a town here’, so I make a town.’’

Smooth running of the model trains was important. ‘‘It is all about gradients.’’

It helped to have a sense of logic when laying out scenes — ‘‘not having it chopping and changing too much’’.

‘‘I just like the whole creation of the whole scene, having a space and trying to work out how it will all work and how it will look,’’ Mr Snodgrass said.