Boomerang bags are doing the rounds in Ranfurly, thanks to Maniototo Area School.

Pupils in Kakariki and Kahurangi classes, along with teachers and members of the community, have crafted 46 reusable bags for local shoppers to use.

People can take one of the bags, available from the Maniototo 4 Square, if they forget to take their own.

The ‘boomerang bag” concept means they must return the bag to the store so others can also benefit.

Pupil Gina Andrews (10) said the idea to make the bags came about while learning about sustainability last term.

Children followed a pattern to create the bags using colourful fabrics.

Teacher Gemma Hore said help from the wider community to help sew the bags had been greatly appreciated.

The group was also grateful to the people who donated fabric.

The bags must be returned to the store to ensure others could also use them, which was the key to the project’s success.

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