Play to be dead funny


Audiences will be invited to a funeral for Clyde Theatre Group’s latest play.

STiFF is a comedy set in a funeral parlour by New Zealand writer April Phillips.

Director Joy Ramsay said despite the sombre setting, the play was a riot of comedy.

“It is about a young woman who inherits a funeral home from a father she didn’t know existed.”

The twist is that she is unable to sell it, despite knowing nothing about funeral parlours.

“That’s part of the bequest, that she has to run it for five years, so she attempts to do that.”

She recruits her friends to help, despite none of them having any experience, “and of course mayhem ensues as they try to run it in an appropriate way”.

Last year’s play Daughters of Heaven went well for the theatre but was an “intense” production, “so we thought we might balance it out with something a little lighter”.

The seven cast members were a “compact group that all got on”, Ms Ramsay said.

Rehearsals were “coming together well”.

“There is some lovely character work. The actors have been working really hard on developing these fun characters.”

Seating for the play will be laid out as for a funeral, Ms Ramsay said.

The play was a “tongue-in-cheek” take on the funeral industry.

“It is comedy that comes out of situations that could possibly happen, but then with theatre it just goes off-piste a little bit.”

STiFF by Clyde Theatre Group runs from March 29 to April 5, at the Clyde Hall.

For bookings and information visit or phone 027 371-3413.latest RunningDrake Air Jordan 11 Snakeskin Tokyo Air Jordan 5