NZ Poetry Day inspires young


National Poetry Day takes place on August 24, so The News asked three pupils at Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka to share their compositions.
Ella Briscall (12), of Wanaka, wrote an ode to a favourite pair of shoes —
‘‘How they would feel for us, or how we would feel for them’’.
Sara Ambrose (12), of Wanaka, worked within the specific constraints of haiku — a short Japanese poem with 17 syllables and three verses — to tell her story.
‘‘My friend’s pony recently died, and I decided I would write a poem for her horse.’’
For his poem, Ollie Blyth (15), of Wanaka, said he imagined ‘‘all the senses I could feel around me’’ while walking through a forest.


Ollie Blyth, (15) Mount Aspiring College. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON

Winter Breeze

By Ollie Blyth

As I wander through the lonely forest,

I feel as if I’m at the florist.

The singing birds and emerald trees,

Blowing gently in the winter breeze.

The breeze glides down softly to my knees,

My knobbling knight’s night-time knees.

The creatures scatter and scuttle,

Little shuttles, oh so subtle

Wander through the lonely woods,

Looking for some mid winter goods.

A snowflake falls upon my brow,

My dark brown no frown dark brown brow.

The hills and the mountains

Are higher than fountains.

They hold tall tales,

Of the Prince of Wales

I roll down the hills,

And climb in the breeze,

On the mountains of imagination.

I played in the breeze and with the trees

In the lonely, one and only, middle of winter breeze.



Sara Ambrose (12) Mount Aspiring College. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON

The Ride

By Sara Ambrose

She starts a canter

We are so unstoppable

Off in the sunset.

Ella Briscall, (12) Mount Aspiring College. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON

Ode to my shoes

By Ella Briscall

We’re here waiting in her bag.

Old, muddy and beaten

From running, games

And adventures.

From muddy puddles

Streams and creeks.

From jumping like deer,

Running like horses.

We’re always here for her.

Whatever the weather,

Whatever the day.

As faithful as dogs,

Ready for play.

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