Mural representing Teviot Valley


Roxburgh’s main street will soon have an additional splash of colour as work continues on a new mural.
Street artists Hayley King, known as Flox, and Ross Liew, known as TrustMe, began work on Sunday night on a mural that will cover the former Magnet Tearooms at 96 Scotland St.
The pair have been working at night using a projected image on the side of the building to guide where the outlines of the mural will be, then painting in the designs.
‘‘We work the designs in and around the shape of the building,’’ she said.
King said three community workshops — in Millers Flat, Roxburgh and at the Cherry Chaos event on Sunday — helped inform the design of the mural.
During the workshops she asked participants to come up with a drawing or image that explained what the Teviot Valley meant to them.
Some of the ideas encompassed architecture, symbols, fruit, the Clutha River, and the many cultures who have made an impact in the valley, from Scottish settlers to Chinese goldminers and the continuing presence of orchard workers from many parts of the globe.
‘‘Everyone has a different experience of what the Teviot [valley] means to them.’’
Workshop participants practised cutting stencils and using spray paint to see the result of their work.
‘‘Creating a stencil takes time and understanding of what needs to be taken away as opposed to what is left behind.’’
The workshops had been popular and as well as local residents, people had travelled from Christchurch, Invercargill and Southland to participate.
Alongside gaining insights from the local community, King conducted research prior to arriving in the Teviot Valley.
To ensure the mural encompassed many cultures represented in the valley, the final image would be very ‘‘inclusive’’, depicting both indigenous and migrant influences such as Rajah Brooke’s birdwing, the national butterfly of Malaysia, the Scottish thistle and the fruits and flowers of the valley.
The project has been developed by the Teviot Valley Community Development Scheme alongside the Central Otago District Arts Trust.


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