The Rotary Club of Cromwell is organising a shed tour for October 24, but as to what you will see, that’s a secret.

The News visited one of the club members who will be allowing the contents of his shed to be on display during the Secret Shed tour.

Club member Ross Hansen, of Cromwell, did not want to let too many cats out of bags as to what sheds and what contents were to be part of the tour but, on the quiet, hinted at teddy bears, toy collections, vintage machinery, motorcycles, Lego, and collectables.

He had to be persuaded to disclose clues about the Matchbox collectables and restored toys in his own shed.

Mr Hansen first got interested in toy farm machinery many years ago when he started working as a mechanic with International Harvester in Dunedin, assembling imported tractors and other machinery as well as servicing them.

The tour starts at 9.30am and runs until 3.30pm.

‘‘There are 12 sheds from Lowburn through to Bannockburn.

‘‘I have been in three or four of them and it is quite mindboggling what is hidden away.

‘‘The tour is not just for dads, but for mums and families.’’

What is not hush-hush and under wraps is that tickets are available from Forage Cafe.

Tour organiser Paula Jackson said the money raised would go towards a van for the Cromwell Youth Trust’s Hangout, in the Cromwell Mall.

‘‘We have donated the proceeds from our book sale to them for the van. ‘‘We will be giving the proceeds from the tour to them as well.’’

Maps will be available from the Hangout on the day.

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