Goat farming history inspires firm



A Wanaka couple have been inspired by mountain views and crisp cool winters to design a range of natural mohair products.

The Glamorous Goat, created by Steven and Hayley Hobson, is a small business offering throws and socks.

Working out of their home in Wanaka, the couple design the products locally, which are then manufactured in South Africa by other members of Mr Hobson’s family.

Mr Hobson was born in South Africa.

‘‘I’m from an Angora goat farming background.’’

His family had been farming goats since 1857, he said.

‘‘I’ve always had mohair throws around the house and on the bed, and I’ve appreciated the benefits of mohair and how warm it keeps you.’’

Mr Hobson met his wife Hayley, a New Zealander, while they were both working in London.
They then moved to Australia, and began taking regular holidays to Wanaka, finally moving to Wanaka about two years ago.

The Glamorous Goat was launched at last year’s Wanaka A&P Show, only about week before the country went into the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

‘‘And that is when the website went live, so it has been a bit slow during the Covid period.’’

He and his wife Hayley were a good team, he said.

‘‘She has all the good ideas, and she is a good counterbalance to my ideas.’’

They offered a range of socks useful for hiking, running, businesspeople, socks for tradies, and children.

Mohair had hollow fibres, drawing (or wicking) moisture away from the skin.

‘‘If you sweat it moves moisture away.’’

It also had antibacterial properties ‘‘so you are not going to get smelly socks’’, he said.

The mohair throws were called names that reflected the local environment, including Cromwell Cherry, Aspiring Forest, Mt Iron and Roy’s Blue.

‘‘A throw would fit in anyone’s house, from a design aspect and from a warmth aspect.’’

Sustainability and durability were important factors for Mr Hobson.

‘‘I’ve got throws that I remember from my childhood.’’