Showcasing art . . . Melanie Eade welcomes people to enter the inaugural Edinburgh Central Art Awards, which will be hosted in Cromwell on November 9-11. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON


The inaugural Edinburgh Central Art Awards are coming to Cromwell.

Excitement for the awards is gaining momentum in Central Otago as the closing day for entries, October 23, nears.

The awards, which take place from November 9 to 11, will be hosted at the Lake Dunstan Boat Club, Cromwell, by Edinburgh Realty and the Central Otago Art Society on the back of Dunedin’s “hugely popular” Edinburgh Art Awards.

Art society vice-president and exhibition secretary Melanie Eade was among those looking forward to the new event.

She said the Dunedin concept had been hugely popular over the years and was “held in high regard” within the art world.

Although the Cromwell event would be smaller, it would feature the same high calibre of artworks.

The Cromwell event was designed specifically for artists in Central Otago, Wanaka and Queenstown, along with Central Otago Art Society members.

“Edinburgh Realty, as with the Dunedin exhibition, are looking for a high calibre of artist entries.”

Sculpture and jewellery were among the items that would be welcomed, she said.

Winners will be announced on November 9.

The Supreme Award winner will receive $1500, while the winner of the Central Otago Essence award will receive $750.

award winner will get $500.

“We are hoping this will be an annual event and will eventually be as popular as the Dunedin one, with a larger venue and extended exhibition dates.”

Edinburgh Realty general manager Mark Miller said he was keen to support and recognise artists from Central Otago using the art awards format.

“We like to shine a light on things that don’t get a light shone on them very often.

“We saw there was a bit of a gap so thought we would continue with the theme we had been doing in Dunedin.”

He was now looking forward to seeing the Central Otago concept come together and the artworks that would feature.

“We are just looking forward to engaging with the local art fraternity,” he said.Running sneakersNike