Alexandra is getting lit this Sunday.

A celebration of light is going ahead in the face of Covid-19 related cancellations in a different format.

The Alexandra Combined Churches are holding the Alexandra Light Trail as a positive alternative to Halloween, after the earlier cancellation of the annual Alexandra Light Party.

Organising committee chairwoman Sarah More said the combined churches changed tack when it became obvious the light party would not proceed.

The annual event attracted more than 800 people.

The light trail would be run as a treasure-hunt-style event with activities at six locations.

Attendees would be kept in groups of 100 in accordance with Level 2 guidelines.

“We hope it will encourage people to come to the event instead of door knocking,” Mrs More said.

“We have always said Halloween celebrates the dark – we want to celebrate the light.”

The event was free; however, people were asked to register online Here in advance to secure their place.