Engineer enjoys freer kind of writing


A collection of short stories, In A Dream , is a departure for author Roger Browne, of Alexandra.

As an academic with a PhD in electronic engineering, Dr Browne was a senior lecturer at Massey University and published many scientific papers.

There were “quite rigid constraints” when writing for academic publications.

But now he was enjoying a more creative style of writing.

“I can make things up to my heart’s content.

“Having retired, and now having the option of writing fiction, it means I can let my imagination have free rein.”

A diary he had been keeping since he was 15 was often a source of inspiration.

Some of his diary entries were “very, very detailed, and I found that going back through those diaries there was a wealth of material that I could draw on”.

Some of the stories drew on his travels, set in locations across the globe including Tibet, Poland and Turkey.

Others took place in more familiar local settings, including a retirement home in Alexandra.

“Most have links to my own experiences, but fictionalised to varied extents,” he said.

As president of the Creative Writers Circle of Alexandra, Dr Browne had meetings every month with about 35 writing enthusiasts who ranged in age from their 20s to their 80s.

“For me, it is something that is really enjoyable.”

He encouraged others who had a love of writing to join the group.

“We meet on the first Thursday of the month from 12 [noon] to 2pm.”

People who were interested could inquire at Alexandra Community House.

“It is an opportunity for members of the group to share their writing, to read excerpts, to have comments made about it, critiqued if you like.”

Next on his publishing plans was encouraging the group to put out its first collection of short stories and poems.

“It is a long-term ambition to get the writers group to bring out an anthology of their works.”

In A Dream, by Roger Browne, can be bought at Alexandra Community House and Wanderlust Books in Centennial Ave.

In print . . In A Dream, by Roger Browne, has been published by Creative Writers Publishing 2018.
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