Shakespeare famously wrote that all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.

Well that may be true, but at the Alexandra Musical Society it is the unsung players behind the scenes helping those on stage take their cues that are getting the recognition.

The musical society recently honoured three of its members for the roles they play —on and off the stage.

Joy Ramsay was awarded a life membership for more than 25 years of dedication — she served two terms as society president and vice-president, as well as being involved in wardrobe, front of house, stage crew, costume hire and director of the Stars on Stage show to be held in September.

Ms Ramsay said she loved the connection and community that came with being part of the musical society — there was a space for everybody.

‘‘What you see on stage on opening night is the jazz hands and that’s all, but there’s all this hard graft that goes on before then to make that night happen.’’

Chris Beilby and Kylee Murphy were each awarded the Society Service Award.

Mrs Beilby has also spent the bulk of her time backstage in a variety of roles from props to stage managing and crew to front of house and sound.

She first became involved because her children took part then it developed into a love of her own.

‘‘I enjoy the arts and helping people that go onstage.’’

Children’s theatre is also a special passion.

‘‘There’s a lot of kids who deserve to be on this stage,’’ she said.

For Kylee Murphy, a family connection saw her become involved as a teenager, however nearly three decades later she is still there.

The bulk of her work involves the make›up department across a range of events such as main shows, children’s theatre and other smaller events.

‘‘It’s something I do for me that’s outside my family — it’s my passion and I get to do that as much as I can,’’ she said.

Alexandra Musical Society president Ann Jones said the women’s dedication, reliability and service to the society made them worthy recipients of the honours.