Bringing a sense of style to Lake Wanaka is Bozenka Raich, of Albert Town.

As a finalist in the Miss Pinup New Zealand competition, she will travel to Auckland in April to compete against seven others.

Miss Raich said she had always been drawn to the classic looks of the 1940s and 1950s, and had spent many years scouring second-hand stores and online finding the perfect look.

She entered the competition on a whim despite not having any experience of pageants.

A friend helped her with a photo shoot at Warbirds and Wheels Museum, posing with classic cars of the era, and she was was pleasantly surprised to be selected as one of seven finalists.

All the finalists as well as the organisers were wonderfully supportive ‘‘and absolutely gorgeous,’’ she said.

As well as day wear, evening wear and beach wear categories, the competition included a talent show section.

Miss Raich was planning to highlight the great outdoors of Central Otago by demonstrating her angling skills.

‘‘I’m not your girly girl, so I’m bringing a completely different element to it.’’

She was an enthusiastic fly fisher and was keen to show women could do anything.

‘‘I know it is not practical, but why can’t you fly fish with red lipstick on?’’

Miss Raich was ‘‘normally a very outdoors girl’’ in hiking pants, boots or sneakers.

‘‘So to do this, it brings a completely different persona, it is fantastic.’’

Her top tip for being a pin-up was to have fun and let yourself be transformed into a stunning, glamorous woman.

‘‘Show your sass, show your cute smile and don’t be afraid of the unknown,’’ she said.

Looking smart and stylish made her feel confident and in control, she said. ‘‘It brings back a bit of beautiful to the everyday.’’

The Miss Pinup New Zealand contest will take place at the Very Vintage Day Out event on Saturday, April 10 at the Kumeu Showgrounds in Auckland.