Have suitcase, will travel.
Bags filled with creative textile designs are destined for Alexandra this month as part of the Aotearoa Quilters Suitcase Exhibition.

The exhibition, to be hosted at Alexandra Community House from August 17-21, will feature a range of quilts, created by participants who attended a symposium on the craft.

Alexandra Sewing Circle members were pleased to see their town on the exhibition’s itinerary for the first time. Alexandra will be the last stop on the 2020 tour.

Alexandra club member Jean Mowat said 20 of the best quilts, crafted by people who attended the symposium, made up the exhibition.
‘‘They are put in a suitcase and travel the country at the request of people like us.’’

The exhibition, organised by the National Association of New Zealand Quilters, was in Auckland at the start of the month and would make its way south to Alexandra.
The quilts vary in size, including one that is 16cm wide and 1m long, and each comes with a background story about what inspired its creator.

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