Arts society seeks new faces for roles


Help is needed for the Wanaka Arts Society to survive, president Joanna Nimmo, of Wanaka, says.

“I am stepping down as president, the secretary is stepping down, there is no-one stepping up.”

The society had been running for about 50 years with a focus on providing the community an opportunity to see art from a diverse range of artists.

Its Labour Weekend exhibition at Lake Wanaka Centre, attracted hundreds of people each year.

Mrs Nimmo would be stepping down as president after this year’s exhibition, and was concerned that no-one was coming forward to replace her.

“I can hear the screams now if we said ‘it’s over by Friday’.”

The purpose of the society was “to put up exhibitions for people from a wide ranging area – from North Island, South Island, Chatham Islands, whatever – and portray their work in a manner that is professional.”

By providing an opportunity for a wide range of artists to have their work exhibited in Wanaka, other artists and members of the public could be inspired and excited by new works, Mrs Nimmo said.

“In every nook and cranny of New Zealand are very special people, and we want to bring them in here, to help all artists see and have them exhibited in a professional way.”

Arts co-ordinator Kym Beaton said from a high point of more than 300 members, there were now only 70 members in the society.Sportswear free shipping大注目アイテム!モンスターパーカーを使ったおすすめコーデ12選