Artist to host open studio days



A glimpse into the life of an artist will soon be on offer, thanks to Cromwell’s Jenny Hill.

Hill, a passionate artist with a flare for collage, textile and encaustic mediums, will open her doors to the public on November 28-29.

Her art studio, at her Locharburn property, in Luggate-Cromwell Rd, is more than just a place of work.

It is adorned with many of her creations, some complete, while others are still a work in progress.

Many are created using layers of paper and wax to create an encaustic collage.
The term ‘‘encaustic’’ is Greek and means ‘‘to burn’’.

For artists, it often involves using heated beeswax over materials such as paper, fabric or other fibres — anything so long as it reacts well to the wax, she said.

Hill sometimes rusts paper to create an aged look and often cuts pictures out of magazines and takes her own photos to help set the scene.

She also makes her own papers for collage works, including those she paints.

‘‘I like it to be two-layered, so when you look at it you see one narrative, then when you get closer you see more detail.’’

The medium was something Hill has developed over the years after seeing it online.

She became so keen to develop the skill that she travelled to Australia to attend a course hosted by Nancy Crawford, of Canada, who she had watched online.

‘‘Like everything, there’s different ways of doing things,’’ she said.

Hill likes to experiment, but there is one key element to the success of her artworks.

‘‘Every layer of wax has to be fused into the next layer of wax.’’

She said one of her favourite aspects of her artworks was starting with a raw product and creating a narrative by the time she had finished.

Hill exhibited some of her works at the Blossom Festival Art Exhibition in Alexandra and Across the Bridge Bannockburn Arts Festival exhibition last month.

Her open studio weekend will take place both days from 10am to 6pm.

Eye catching . . . One of the encaustic pieces Jenny Hill has recently completed. PHOTO: SUPPLIED/JENNY HILL
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