Art less lonely for those in group


An exhibition at Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery is showcasing the talents of nine artists from across the region. Simon Henderson caught up with the group just before the exhibition opened while they planned where to hang their works.

Early Photography, bird carving and ceramics are all part of a group exhibition in Alexandra.

Works by the nine members of the Indigo art group are on display at the Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery.

Judy Cockeram, of Cromwell, said being part of the group was a new way to support each other.

It was sometimes a “lonely job” being an artist.

“You do need to put yourself into groups that are supportive and encouraging.”

Her background included educating architects for 20 years in drawing and the creative use of computers.

“So after spending many years teaching I decided it was time to do something for myself.”

After an extended time working with digital technology, she decided to “revert back” to paper and pencil for her own art.

Her drawings were a “subconscious discovery” of thoughts and ideas.

“It is a lot of play, which is [Spanish painter] Picasso’s notion of playing to that childhood state of just allowing the drawing to happen.”

Annemarie Hope-Cross, of Alexandra, said the group of nine artists had known each other for several years.

The group were different from other artists because they exhibited at a range of galleries.

“Most folk stick to one particular gallery, but we are more nomadic in style.”

The themes she was exploring in her work at present were informed by the challenges of undergoing cancer treatment.

Prints on paper … Annemarie Hope-Cross, of Alexandra, shows one of her photogenic drawings at the Indigo group exhibition at Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery in Alexandra. PHOTO: SIMON HENDERSON

She created photogenic drawings, a type of photographic process dating from the early beginnings of photography which allowed negatives to be produced on paper.

Alongside the exhibition, members were spending time on Sundays at the gallery including workshops, talks and artists at work.

The exhibition runs until the end of January footwearAir Jordan